Nutrition Program

The double burden of malnutrition requires a comprehensive approach to act on it, and that is why nutrition program works in close collaboration with different partners to contribute to reduction of all forms of malnutrition.

In this program, we use different approaches to protect maternal and child health in the community and strengthening school feeding program through nutrition sensitive and specific interventions to tackle malnutrition issues.

  1. Our Priority activities:
  • Increasing community awareness on healthy nutrition through nutrition education on balanced diet.
  • Teaching communities to wisely choose healthy and nutritious foods while shopping food for cooking.
  • Participatory cooking demonstrations to teach caregivers how to prepare a balanced diet at the community.
  • Providing accurate information on food handling, hygiene and sanitation to prevent foodborne illnesses and other related diseases which can lead to malnutrition.
  • Using home grown solutions including establishment of kitchen gardens and planting fruits trees at home and schools to increase access to different micronutrients and instilling the culture of fruits and vegetable consumption by Rwandan community.
  • Training of trainers (ToTs) on healthy nutrition to different people like schools, youth organizations, clubs and associations to have positive impact to their communities