Sexual and reproductive health and rights program

SRHR program addresses issues related to comprehensive sexuality education by increasing awareness on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), promoting access to accurate information to the community specifically adolescents related to SRHR, family planning (FP), Gender-Based Violence (GBV), Gender Promotion (GP) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV. Our aim is to crack fears of adolescents as well as children and their parents to openly discuss SRHR, GBV and GP through playing Ishema Ryanjye cards game and other SRHR games.

What we do

  • Conduct community outreaches, workshops and campaigns to increase awareness on SRHR
  • Train and capacitate different CSOs and YLOs effective approaches to teach youths sexual reproductive health using SRHR games including Ishema Ryanjye Cards game
  • Provide access to safe and trusted SRHR information to adolescents that will support them to take control of their life and secure their future than anyone else by working with secondary schools and Yego centres and youth’s corners.
  • Engaging adolescents as well as children and their parents to discuss and learn about SRHR, GBV and gender promotion through SRHR games.
  • Training youths peer educators to support their peers at schools, Yego centers and Youth corners to learn SRHR through educative and interactive games, group discussions and education sessions.
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